Westworld S02E02: Reunion - In which Dead isn't what it used to be

01 May, 2018, 04:52 | Author: Pamela Mathis
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Dolores has been outside of the park at least twice, we learn in Episode 2 of "Westworld" Season 2. To misquote Dolores, "A odd SPOILER can be just as frightening as the dark", so if you haven't watched the epsiode yet, turn back now. Delos is uninspired at the prospect of investing in the park, but William tells him what he sees as the park's main value: learning about the wants of consumers in an environment where they feel no one is watching them.

Exactly what objective William would have had in building any of these items is questionable (though making a massive portable laser available to the hosts might qualify as anyone's "greatest mistake"), but hopefully we'll find out more in future episodes. And "Reunion" reveals something even worse than mere moral emptiness: the real goal for the park and the reason William (Jimmi Simpson) was able to persuade Delos to invest so heavily in it.

Fans have long suspected this, but now they know for certain. As William explains, Westworld removes societal restraints from visitors, giving them a glimpse of who they really are, and what it is they truly want.

Viewers learned in the premiere that Delos has been secretly logging guests' experiences and DNA, a suspicious practice that could fall anywhere from sort of shady to full-on diabolical.

"Nothing here is real, except one thing: the guests", William tells Delos. "Judgment wasn't the point; we had something else in mind entirely". Teddy asks Dolores after she shows him that he is programmed and not even a human being. A backstory of how the park was pitched to investors and when this was done has also been included. More importantly, she brings a refurbished Confederale and a human tech back into the park with her to convince the Confederale Host leader to join her army. As teased, Dolores and Maeve crossed paths for the first time since their brief encounter early in season 1.

Logan at first thinks Angela (the character, not the actress) is the plant: "You're too flawless to be one of us".

On the way to recruit them, Dolores has a tense reunion with Maeve, who says that fighting a war for revenge on humans is just a "different prayer at their altar", and she has no interest in it. Maeve, Hector, and Lee move on with their own quest. Maeve's group passes after a tense exchange, and she seems to sense Teddy's hesitation, too. With a typically elaborate narrative involving copious flashbacks and multiple timelines, it fleshes out multiple storylines that the show has only hinted at so far, including William's transition from the idealistic young man of the first season to the murderous obsessive he becomes as the Man in the Black Hat. Now that the game's difficulty mode has been amped up, Old Bill is ready to rumble, warning Lawrence, "This whole enterprise is going down in flames, and it's gonna take each and every one of us down with it". Jim sees his son's enthusiasm for AI as foolish, and he tells William he's not interested in schemes with decades-out payoffs.

Young William then takes Dolores out west, to where Westworld's terraforming machines are creating a crater - presumably where the "Valley Beyond" will eventually be found. She claims that she knows exactly where she's going - and what kind of "weapon" she'll find there - but is that true?

What is William's weapon?

And knowing Westworld, all bets are on the androids. The episode begins, as many do, with an interview between Arnold and Dolores. And I'm guessing this won't be the last time. If Dolores could somehow gather that data, she'd have a ton of leverage to use against the influential and rich people who regularly visit the park. And if Delos created a ideal host copy of a world leader or a powerful billionaire and sent it out into the real world-which is, incidentally, exactly what happened in the sequel to the 1973 movie on which Westworld is based-who would know the difference?

For that matter, does it seem like Dolores recognizes William when she first lays eyes on him again at the party, or is it just a trick of the light?



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