So this is a real thing: Teens are snorting condoms

03 April, 2018, 02:58 | Author: Darrell Lopez
  • Credit Pixabay

The "condom snorting challenge" is exactly what it sounds like: Teens are taking to the internet to post videos of themselves snorting a condom up one nostril and inhaling until it - hopefully - re-emerges into the mouth.

Teens are reportedly participating in a viral "condom challenge", which involves snorting a condom through the nose and pulling it out through the mouth.

The latest viral Stupid Human Trick has taken the place of the "Tide Pod Challenge" as the thing to do when you want to possibly die on YouTube. This weird challenge is nothing new; the earliest recording of a person snorting a condom was back in 2007. Then what? You reach back and pull it from your mouth. "As graphic as it is, we have to show parents because teens are going online looking for challenges and recreating them".

The wrappers are removed before teens try the new challenge.

The spermicidal lubricant found on most condoms can also irritate the inner lining of the nose and cause allergic reaction or infection.

The inhalation of condoms has its own risks, says Bruce Y. Lee, an associate professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in a "Forbes" piece titled "Why You Should Not Inhale Condoms". In one case, a woman suffered a collapsed lung and contracted pneumonia after a condom went down her trachea.

Stephen Enriquez, an education specialist in Texas, states: 'There are all kinds of drugs and kids are clever, so it's just really what are our kids doing? "So with these untrained people putting something up the nose, it's highly likely that for every one that you see on social media, there are probably a lot of kids who have tried it and either almost choked or caused bleeding".

There is a new internet challenge that has some parents on alert and just about everyone asking questions.

Some past video challenges, such as the "ice-bucket challenge", have helped raise money for charity, but others, such as "bath salt challenge" can be risky, The Washington Post reported.



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