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Single market row at Scottish Labour conference

10 March, 2018, 01:16 | Author: Priscilla Morrison
  • Corbyn needs to call for clear socialist measures and shout them from the rooftop

SCOTTISH Labour leader Richard Leonard sparked a civil war on the eve of his party's conference by blocking a vote on Brexit policy.

Euan Philipps, spokesperson for Labour Against Anti-Semitism said the Labour leader had "serious questions to answer" and called for an independent investigation.

"If any of those individuals are associated or members of the Labour Party, we will take firm action against them", he said.

Mr Corbyn recently said he now favours the United Kingdom remaining in a customs union after Brexit.

On Northern Ireland, he said Mrs May's determination to take the United Kingdom out of the single market and the customs union meant the Conservatives were "offering no clear alternative to a hard border".

Crucially, members would have to vote this down before there would be any vote on the single market one.

"And given Ian Murray's such a keen supporter of the single market, it seems Labour's leader and most senior Scottish MP are at bitter odds on this vital matter".

Speaking after his speech, the SNP said the party's support for Brexit which would see Scotland outside the single market "shameful".

But Labour MEP Catherine Stihler, the co-chair of the Scottish Labour for the Single Market group, insisted afterwards: "The rules of the single market do not prevent public ownership".

"That stance is alienating huge numbers of Labour supporters and members across Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom".

At the 2017 General Election, the Labour Party's unexpectedly strong showing saw it seize highly affluent areas in the south of England and London that had never before been held by Labour, such as the seats of Kensington and Canterbury.

She added: "This is not, as some have ridiculously claimed, about factions within Labour".

Mrs May tried to heal the rift between Remainers and Leavers in her own party by admitting not everyone would get what they wanted.

With Tories at Westminster and the SNP administration at Holyrood locked in a bitter dispute over what should happen to devolved powers once these are returned from Brussels, Mr Corbyn said Theresa May's party had "played right into the SNP's hands in hoarding power for themselves in the back corridor of Westminster".

The motion supports shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer's "six tests" for a deal to leave the EU - including whether it delivers the "exact same benefits" as being members of the single market and customs union.

The Labour Party's logo is also displayed in the group alongside exhortations to join the Party, even as links to articles from neo-Nazi and white Supremacist websites such as the Daily Stormer and Veterans Today were circulated by group users. We must begin the process of tackling the institutionalised anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

He insisted the Labour Party was not just the opposition to the Conservatives at Westminster, but was now "preparing to go into government".

He is expected to say: "At one of the most important times for our country in its history, we have a divided government that has no clear idea of what it's doing, what it wants, or where it's going. This is about protecting workers and consumers from the Tories, and that's why Labour must do all it can to keep the United Kingdom in the single market".

"Make no mistake about it, reduced access to European markets means fewer economic opportunities for people in the UK". Screenshots obtained by the UK's Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) allegedly show Corbyn participating "right up until his first weeks as leader of the Labour Party", claimed CAA.



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