Haley Presents Evidence Proving Iran Is Violating Int'l Law

17 December, 2017, 01:03 | Author: Darrell Lopez
  • United Nations Security Council

Iran is sowing "conflict and extremism", the United States ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said.

Haley described "Iranian missile fingerprints" on the missile and several other weapons that were on display, including an anti-tank missile and a "kamikaze drone". As part of this agenda, the USA president raised the same missile-attack accusation against Iran just hours after the missile launch even before Saudi Arabia did so.

Zarif, who served as Iran's representative to the United Nations from 2002 to 2007, likened the display to former Secretary of State Colin Powell's United Nations 2003 presentation meant to highlight the need to go to war with Iraq.

Haley said the debris shows Iran is violating the UN Security Council's 2015 resolution 2231, which endorses the Iran nuclear deal, prohibits Iran from any activity that would advance its ballistic missile program, and bans them from transferring weapons.

The Iranian top diplomat likened Halley's presentation Thursday to former US Secretary of State Colin Powell's claim in 2003 that Iraq possessed WMD.

"This evidence demonstrates a pattern of behaviour in which Iran sows conflict and extremism in direct violation of UN Security Council resolutions".

All are proof that Iran is defying the global community.

Another confidential report presented to the UNSC by a group of independent experts monitoring the situation in Yemen last month argued that while remains of four missiles that landed into Saudi Arabia appeared to have been made in Iran, it "as yet has no evidence of the broker or supplier".

Iran "categorically" rejects the accusation "as unfounded and, at the same time, irresponsible, provocative and destructive", Miryousefi said in a statement.

"As you know, we do not often declassify this type of military equipment recovered from these attacks, but today we are taking an extraordinary step of presenting it here in an open setting", she said.

"We present this evidence so that we, our allies and worldwide partners - including organisations like the [United Nations] - can be clear eyed about Iran's activities as we work together", Seal said.

In October, Trump "decertified" the nuclear deal with Iran, meaning that he had concluded that Iran was not living up to all terms of the agreement.

In his report, Guterres was reported as saying that the second team of investigators had seen the logo, but that they were still analyzing the information and had come to no conclusion.

A separate team of United Nations experts who inspected the missile fragments during a visit to Riyadh last month found a possible link to an Iranian manufacturer, the Shahid Bagheri Industrial Group, which is on the United Nations sanctions blacklist.

Among them was the remainder of the missile that was sacked by the Houthi rebels in Yemen who attacked the worldwide airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a civilian target.



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