WaPo reporter posts 'fake' photo of Trump rally

13 December, 2017, 04:39 | Author: Darrell Baldwin
  • Washington Post reporter apologizes for 'bad tweet' after Trump calls him out

This latest incident appeared replay his inauguration crowd-size debacle, when Trump famously disputed the underwhelming crowd-size at the event.

"Take a moment and follow @daveweigel, a great reporter and a fantastic guide to this political age", David Fahrenthold said on Twitter.

Trump also launched broadsides at CNN and ABC, both of whom recently issued corrections to high-profile Trump stories.

Trump retorted in a tweet later Saturday that the images showed the venue while thousands still waited outside ahead of his speech, and shared pictures which he claimed showed the center filled as he took to the stage.

To get the news straight, Trump took to Twitter in much the same fashion he did during his presidential campaign a year ago, realizing that if he wanted the truth to be known to America, he must rely on his personal Twitter account to disseminate real and factual news about himself. And, as you will see below, Weigel knew he was publishing a photo not taken during the actual rally. Packed house, many people unable to get in. "Demand apology & retraction from FAKE NEWS WaPo!"

Weigel quickly responded to Trump's tweets with an apology and an acknowledgement of his error.

What Dave did was sloppy, to be sure, but it's the kind of thing that can easily happen with a still picture.

The D.C. daily's reporter assured that he had deleted the photo he posted after another reporter told him he had "gotten it wrong".

'Packed to the rafters, ' Weigel quipped of his phony photo.

The Washington Post later released a statement admitting that Weigel used "an inaccurate image" in his tweet about the Trump rally. I deleted it after like 20 minutes. He acknowledged it was a "bad tweet" from his personal account and said it was "very fair" to call him out.

Weigel publicly heckled Trump using what he knew was fake news.

Weigel responded in three minutes and apologised for his mistake. The emphasis is that of the president and not of the Round Table. Ross was suspended for four weeks with no pay.

"Fake News CNN made a vicious and purposeful mistake yesterday", Trump tweeted on Saturday morning before tweeting about Weigel's photo. "Give their place to a more deserving media outlet", News.com.au reported. He's far better at his job than Trump could ever be. The corrected report said that the bank records were of people "affiliated" with Trump. "Analyses of news footage showed that fewer people attended Mr. Trump's inauguration than President Barack Obama's in 2009".



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