Here is the first official Ready Player One trailer

12 December, 2017, 17:49 | Author: Darrell Baldwin
  • Image Warner Bros

Following the sneak peek from Comic Con, the new trailer focuses on the contrast between overpopulated Columbus, Ohio in 2045 - where Ty Sheridan's protagonist lives in "the Stacks", a towering city of mobile homes - and "the Oasis", a paradise of endless possibilities where society goes to escape.

Yes we're all really excited about Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One, and yes the new trailer is brilliant - but we can't concentrate on all that when there's another issue staring us right in the face. Based on Ernie Cline's bestselling book, the film takes viewers into a virtual reality world filled with pop culture references from classic movies - some of them directed by Spielberg himself. When the creator of OASIS, James Halliday (played by Mark Rylance in Spielberg's film adaptation) dies, he thus leaves his huge wealth hidden somewhere within the OASIS, free to the first person who is able to find it.

When Halliday dies, he leaves his fortune to whoever can find a digital Easter egg hidden in the OASIS. Bruce Berman will serve as executive producer.

Behind the scenes, three-time Oscar victor Spielberg ("Schindler's List", "Saving Private Ryan") reunited his creative team from "Bridge of Spies", including Oscar-winning director of photography Janusz Kaminski ("Schindler's List", "Saving Private Ryan"), Oscar-winning production designer Adam Stockhausen ("The Grand Budapest Hotel"), Oscar-winning editor Michael Kahn ("Saving Private Ryan", "Raiders of the Lost Ark") and Sarah Broshar ("The Post"), and costume designer Kasia Walicka-Maimone ("Moonrise Kingdom").

Though the story is futuristic, the trailer has a retro feel, with Van Halen's 1984 anthem "Jump" playing under images that seemingly pay homage to pop-culture relics like "Back to the Future", "Saturday Night Fever" and "Tron".

Ready Player One gets its game on when it opens on March 30, 2018. Amblin Entertainment, DreamWorks and Village Roadshow Pictures produce, with Warner Bros. distributing.



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