Major advances for the screening of breast cancer

25 October, 2017, 00:56 | Author: Darrell Lopez
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"There are many different types of breast cancer and all of those have different reasons why they develop".

After studying 122,977 cases of ER-positive cases, researchers can explain an additional 4 percent of that heritable breast cancer risk.

"So, if a woman is a carrier of five variations, each of which increases the risk of breast cancer of 20 %, this risk becomes substantial since it is 2.5 times bigger than (1,25)", says Jacques Simard Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec-Université Laval, who is one of four principal investigators of the study that is the subject of two publications in Nature and Nature Genetics. "There are some clear patterns in the genetic variants that should help us understand why some women are predisposed to breast cancer, and which genes and mechanisms are involved".

Increased level of physical activity in the form of regular exercise is associated with a decreased risk for breast cancer, and this has been validated by numerous studies.

As with most cancers, the difference between cooperative tissues and rogue cells going into business for themselves can come down to a few mutated genes.

"As well as identifying new genetic variants, we have also confirmed many that we had previously suspected". These new genetic variations, we will probably answer, " stresses Dr. Jocelyne Chiquette, clinician at the Centre for breast diseases at Quebec, which is one of the authors of the study.

By comparing breast cancer tissue with healthy breast tissue, Cleveland Clinic researchers found there was an imbalance of bacteria. "This should provide guidance for a lot of future research".

Others, known as oestrogen-receptor negative, are not affected by the hormone and are more hard to treat.

"We may be able to develop palatable, safe, non-toxic methods for reducing breast cancer risk, particularly women who are at a high genetic risk", she said.

How much can the newly identified genes predict about breast cancer risk?

By analysing the 180 regions of the genome where are located some of the variations that predispose to breast cancer, it will be possible to determine the risk of a woman developing this cancer. "That is when it is curable and we have more treatment options if found early", McCain said.

"If you could stop that (cancer) from ever happening to you that would change my quality of life and it would have meant I could have had a second child".

"I had genetic testing and I was negative for all the genetic testing", Moeller said.

Mutations in these genes prevent them from repairing changes in other sections of DNA in breast tissue, raising the risk of further mutation.



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