Facebook Launched Messenger Lite in US, Canada and UK

04 October, 2017, 00:22 | Author: Cecelia Webb
  • Facebook Messenger Lite is finally rolling out to the US

Compared to the real Facebook Messenger, the application is definitely quite barebones in features.

The application has 50+ million downloads now, showing that it has been a hit in the countries it launched. It originally launched in five countries, Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela, in October 2016. There is a stickler; Messenger Lite is available on Android only, with no plans by Facebook to offer it on iOS.

Facebook's decision to release the app in these developed markets seems to be a strategic move.

If you're one of those users who use Messenger exclusively for text communications and do not like the excess features that Facebook has lately bloated the app with, then Messenger Lite is just what you need.

Many app developers take into consideration the slower internet speeds of certain countries, leading to connectivity issues with applications that have a lot of features.

WhatsApp, the messaging app owned by Facebook but operated as a separate entity, is also popular in emerging markets. The new rollout could help Facebook attract more teens to Messenger, both traditional and Lite. Messenger Lite packs most of the critical features of the app, but skips things like Messenger Day and selfie lenses that can drain data. That is why Facebook has introduced a new "Lite" version of the Messenger app for #Android. And surely, the appearance of a data-friendly app will surely appeal to such people. That is not to say that adults won't use it. People in developed countries also have to deal with expensive data.

The whole idea behind Messenger Lite is for it to use as little data as possible. To download the app, simply go to the Play Store and search for Messenger Lite.



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