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Emmanuel Macron Emails: Wikileaks Releases French President's Campaign Messages

01 August, 2017, 22:10 | Author: Priscilla Morrison
  • Emmanuel Macron Emails: Wikileaks Releases French President's Campaign Messages

The information didn't have any influence on the election, especially after the country's electoral commission warned that republishing any details regarding those emails before the election it's a crime.

Whistleblowing site Wikileaks has published more than 20,000 leaked emails it says it has verified to be from now French President Emmanuel Macron's campaign.

The whistleblowing website, known for publishing emails from the Democratic National Committee's servers previous year, said that emails involving the French president date from March 2009 to April 24, 2017. The documents range between March 2009 and April 24, 2017.

The Macron campaign during the election frequently accused Russia of trying to hack the campaign and even banned two state-funded Russian media outlets from covering the campaign by denying them access.

A full archive of 71,848 emails with 26,506 attachments from 4,493 unique senders is provided for context, according to a WikiLeaks statement.

But unlike the leaks that rattled the 2016 American presidential race, the French email leak had little if any impact and Macron still handily beat Le Pen.

"As the emails are often in chains and include portions of each other, it is usually possible to confirm the integrity [of] other emails in the chain as a result of the DKIM verified emails within it", the statement reads. Wikileaks only authenticated 21,075 emails marked with a green "DKM verified" signature for exchanges in which its DKIM anti-spam mechanism determined they were directly related to Macron's campaign.

"The attack was so generic and simple that it could have been practically anyone", Guillaume Poupard, the head of France's cyber security agency Anssi, told the Associated Press June 1. They are republished from a number of sources, and are not produced by MintPress News.